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Buy a business

JL Business Sales works on behalf of Buyers too! We help Buyers identify and assess good businesses to buy, which helps client’s avoid uncertainty and potential disasters related to buying the wrong business.

The 5 Steps we take with Buyers;


Talk to us

Us Kiwi’s are ‘do it yourself’ kind of people who believe in ourselves and can do anything! ..right? Have Kiwi’s ever made mistakes? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and it can happen to you too. That is why for something as complex and financially important as buying a business, it is best to hire a Business Broker first and have an expert assist you, to locate, assess and negotiate the business sale, helping you find what you are looking for and helping you buy the right business. 


Establish the criteria

Establish the criteria for the type of business you are looking for

What industry are you interested in? Is there an ideal size of business or maximum or minimum number of Staff you are wanting to manage? JL Business Sales can help you identify what’s hot and what’s not if you need some inspiration.


Establish a budget

Establish the budget range i.e. how much would you like to invest or how much are you able to borrow/spend?

We have strong relationships with well-known Banks, Lenders, and Mortgage Brokers, helping you to not miss the opportunity by having Finances sorted so you are able to complete the deal if you find yourself amidst strong Buyer Competition. If you need finance, just ask!


We Begin

Once you have found the motivation to buy a business and decided not to go it alone, we can begin by working as a Consultant to you or as your appointed Business Broker/Agent to Act on your behalf. If we are acting as the Agent for you we will need to cover off the legalities under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 by signing The Legal Authority to Act as Agent which will state in writing the set criteria the business must have and the budget or price point you are willing to spend in the purchase. The Authority will also detail the fee-structure and any costs relating to marketing or expenses, which are to be paid by the client. 


Sale Contracts and Buyer’s Due Diligence

We can facilitate Sales and create Sale Contracts on behalf of our Clients when acting under the Legal Authority to Act as the Agent. This means you will not necessarily need a Lawyer to draft up the Sale Agreement, we can do this for you as part of our service at no additional cost, which saves time and money. We do recommend that all parties seek Legal and Tax advice prior to completing a Sale or Purchase of a Business, especially throughout the Buyer’s due diligence process where we only manage the process and communication between parties rather than advise. If you need an advisor in this area, we have established relationships with Lawyers and Accountants throughout Auckland and can make some recommendations and referrals to assist you in this process.


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