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We offer Business Sales Consultancy Services

We offer Consulting to both Individuals and Companies who are looking to either sell or buy a business and may need a few pointers and some professional advice from an expert.

You can have as much or as little as you like. We offer chargeable services billed in 30min intervals.

We can assist at any point of the Sale Process, whether it be at the very early stages or near completion of a Sale Contract and final negotiations. Examples where we step in and provide assistance;

  • A Buyer has almost exhausted themselves trying to find the ‘right’ opportunity and seems to be getting nowhere. What have they missed? Is there a way for them to find what they are looking for and transact? What about the asking prices of businesses they have looked at? …they then realise, some help would be good.
  • A potential Buyer presents themselves as being interested in the Business and the Business Owner wants to know more about how it would all work and get some guidance to steer the potential deal in the right direction and help safeguard the Business from confidentiality breaches and other possible unforeseen risks.
  • Sellers wanting to learn about steps they can take over the coming years to form an Owner Exit Strategy and add value to the future Sale Price.
  • There are many more scenarios, but in summary, if you need some added expertise…just ask.

With the Consulting JL Business Sales provides, Business Owners and Business Purchasers at any stage can change over to a different service plan, if they realise the process of D.I.Y doing it themselves even with some added Consulting has become laborious and time-consuming, not to mention stressful, OR if they just think we will do a better job, we are right there to step in and ‘save the day'(and potentially the sale) if needed. We can transition the Client from the Consulting Engagement to an Authority to Act Agreement working forward with a Success Fee as a % of the Successful Sale Price or agreeing to a set fixed fee Business Sales Service to conduct the sale on your behalf. No sale, no success fee charged. Win-Win.

So whether you are just starting out in the journey toward a possible sale or a possible purchase and just want a bit of help to step in the right direction, or you’re already ‘halfway down the road’ with a sale, it is never too early or too late to give us a call.

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