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JORDAN LARSEN – Director/Business Broker

Jordan is a hard-working Business Broker who shows a real passion for delivering results for his clients and the companies he represents.

Jordan has an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, which allows him to push through the difficulties and obstacles which business sales have from time to time, to ensure the sale is pursued until the result comes.

Jordan has a passion for playing and coaching rugby and also enjoys the gym, reading books and the outdoors.

Jordan fundamentally cares for people and wants the best in their lives, so naturally with this outward energy finds it easy to get along with new clients and welcomes all business owners to give him a call to see if he can help them in their sale or future business goals.

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Bodhi loves his job and has been a great addition to the team. He shares the ‘never say die’ values of JL Business Sales and is committed to maintaining a secure workspace for the other team members.

Bodhi has now graduated his on-ramp training and is working close with the team on a daily basis in an effort to become a Business Broker one day.